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Find the perfect running or cycling music with GoTunes

GoTunes lets you discover the best music for outdoor exercise. We took the best features of music apps and the tracking capabilities of fitness apps, and combined them to create a unique new application that is focused on delivering the best music that keeps you motivated and active.

Share running routes and discover new playlists. Browse the list of Most Popular Running, Walking, and Cycling playlists on Spotify. See what your friends are playing and add it to your list. Check out Featured Playlists curated by the GoTunes staff.


GoTunes is a FREE app for discovering the best music that fits your running, walking, and cycling exercise. The app utilizes APIs from Spotify and EchoNest for identifying and playing the music best suited to your needs. The app is available on the iOS App store for iPhone 4, 4s, and 5. Look for an Android version in Fall 2013. If you have questions or support issues, contact us at